Why Choose a Quality Low Pressure Sewer System from Delta

Sewer System Monitoring
Ongoing system monitoring and proactive maintenance is critical to the long-term successful deployment of low-pressure sewer systems. Delta utilizes advanced remote monitoring technology to provide an integrated asset management program to insure the timely delivery of preventative maintenance activities and to respond to any events requiring corrective maintenance.

Through remote monitoring of the sewer system at each home, data can be tracked showing electrical consumption, amperage, run time and number of starts and stops. Data outside expected boundaries will cause an alarm at the central database notifying service personnel of needed attention often before the homeowner is aware that the system needs attention.

State of the Art LPS Hydraulic Software
A sewer system monitor and radio transceiver is located in the sewer pump control box at each home served by the system. A group of homes in a neighborhood self-configure into a local network hopping data from one pump to the next. The data packets seek the "bridge", a data collection device located on a pole in the neighborhood, where data is transferred to a wide area network.

The "bridge" dates packets of data from many pumps and transmits consolidated data to a wide area radio network. The wide area network is comprised of similar pole tops in other neighborhoods. The data from the pole tops seek an Internet Protocol (IP) Link where data packets are translated from a wireless serial data format to a "wired" broadband Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/IP connection.

The TCP/IP data then flows through the Internet to the Delta remote monitoring server and database for ongoing analysis of system operations.