Why Choose a Quality Low Pressure Sewer System from Delta

Why Choose a Low Pressure Sewer System from Delta Environmental Products:

Complete Low Pressure Sewer Systems Options
  • Flex Hose or Rail System Available
  • Simplex and Duplex Systems Available
  • Multiple Basin Diameters and Basin Depths Available
  • Extensive Retro Fit Kit Offering
Level Control Options
  • Pressure Activated
  • Float Activated
Superior Control Panel Options
  • Remote Alarm with Battery Back-Up
  • Digital Display Center
  • Seal Fail Alarm
  • Thermal Overload Alarm
  • Generator Receptacle
Submersible Grinder Pump Offering
  • Semi-Positive Displacement
  • Single Seal Centrifugal
  • Dual Seal Centrifugal
  • Dual Seal Centrifugal Explosion-Proof
  • Oil Filled Motors
  • Cutter Designs Exceeding 10,000 Cuts Per Seconds
  • UL Listed Submersible Grinder Pumps
  • CSA Listed Submersible Grinder Pumps
Customer Focused
  • Dedicated Sales, Marketing and Engineering Team
  • Leading Distribution
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Extensive Product Offering
  • Certified LPS Technicians
  • Extended Warranty Programs
  • Streamlined Production Environment
  • Informative Training Center
  • Advanced Testing Laboratory
Value Added Services
  • Asset Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Hydraulic Modeling Service
  • Financing
Why Choose a Low Pressure Sewer System
Low Pressure Sewer provides flexibility with a proven system
  • Delta Environmental Products LPS is a complete system that is engineered for compatibility of all components from a single source
  • Delta Environmental Products supplies all components: pumps, housings, controls and connectors
  • Delta Environmental Products engineering will help you specify the right system for your project, whether residential or commercial
  • Standardized housings, connection sizes and electrical connectors make installation easy
  • Performance grinder pumps are interchangeable within the system
  • Basin/pump enclosures are located underground, approximately 16 feet (5 meters) from foundation
  • LPS systems can be integrated into existing waste collection systems
  • LPS offers decentralized treatment options if connecting to a large collection facility is prohibitive