ECOPOD-C Commercial Wastewater Treatment

The ECOPOD-C offers treatment capacity from 2,000 to 10,000 gallons per day in pre-engineered treatment plants for small commercial wastewater treatment needs. The ECOPOD-C is based on our proven ECOPOD technology which is NSF 40, Class 1 certified. The ECOPOD-C can provide treatment levels below 20 BOD5, 20 TSS and 10 TN, while treating domestic wastewater.

Delta Treatment Systems offers a full spectrum of Onsite Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Products to the Residential and Commercial marketplace. Products include: NSF Certified Advanced Wastewater Aerobic Treatment Systems, Pre-Engineered Drip Disposal Systems, and Custom Electrical Alarm & Control Panels (unlisted & U.L. listed).

Delta’s Onsite Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Products are the simplest and most effective on the market. They can be used with a broad spectrum of applications ranging from single & multi-family residences to commercial applications. The effluent can be discharged to the surface or to sub-surface means such as drip disposal or other approved dispersal methods. In addition to having the right equipment, Delta offers you the total package including technical assistance, optional components and customer support for your single-source responsibility.

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